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Started in 2010, Little Death is a brand new production company. Don't take this as a bad thing because we here at Little Death have hit the ground running! With several big projects underway; Little Death will surely be amongst the best in the independendent film scene. We are currently specializing in Short Films and Screenwriting. The visionaries behind Little Death have a vast knowledge from experience in both the film and music industry. Stay tuned for many great things ahead!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. Pre-production is now in full swing and with a full list of issues. Or tentative plan for shooting is going to be the last two weeks in May. This is so we have plenty of time to get everything together. We are currently working on our locations and funding, once these two tasks are completed; everything else will come along nicely. You can also expect a lot more promotional items to come soon. Just a short update for now, lots more to come in the near future. Thanks.

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